How to get rid of termites

Termite infestations are often unnoticeable until their severity reaches a level that causes huge damage to your house. Though there are a number of options available to treat termites, the main concerns revolve around checking the probable signs of termites. Once found, they can be easily eradicated with the help of various professional termite treatment services available in your locality. Here is all you need to know about tracking down an infestation and how to get rid of termites.

1. Signs of termites

Signs of termitesSince termites work silently damaging your house and furniture, it is quite difficult to spot it at an early stage. A constant look and thorough check may help you in finding them easily. Generally there are two types of termites, one that lives underground in soil called “subterranean termites” and the other which makes their home entirely on wood called “drywood termites”. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on both the places to spot an infestation. You may find signs of damage caused due to termites as:

  • Discarded wings of termites in your house: Termites that are reproductive are called swarmers and fly to other places to find new homes. If you see a group of such insects flying around your home or trace some discarded wings, there is probably an infestation around you.
  • Tube like structures made of mud: Such structures are easily visible on wooden objects of your home like wooden flooring, attic, furniture and even on walls. It is nothing but a part of their nest which is damaging your property.
  • Wood which sounds hollow: Generally, the drywood termites feed on cellulose and create a hollow space in any wood. If you tap on such wood, it makes a hollow sound showing an infestation.

2. How to get rid of termites

There are a number of options to choose from for treating termites. The treatment depends upon the type of termite present in your home and the degree of infestation. A professional expert will be able to decide which treatment is suitable for the complete eradication of termites after a thorough examination of your property. The best termite treatment methods are:

3. Liquid Termite Treatment

This method involves use of a liquid termiticide which is sprayed in and around your home where an infestation is noticed. Any termite which comes in contact with it is either repelled or killed. Non repellent liquids are also used which does not make their presence noticeable by termites and kills them effectively in their place. Generally the soil surrounding your property is treated with such termiticide for effective eradication and also prevents them from entering your house from nearby soil.

4. Termite Baits

Termite BaitsThis is one of the best termite treatment methods that help in eliminating the insect from your house. Liquid treatment is done in entry points after thorough monitoring of the check points in your house where there is a possibility of infestation. The termites when ingest this liquid spreads it to other mates in the nest and get controlled much effectively.

5. Borate Termite Treatment

Also known as wood treatment, it is basically done to eradicate drywood termites. A termiticide containing borate is directly applied to the wood surface infested with termites which dies immediately. The treatment is odorless and does not cause harm to humans. It also acts as a preventive measure for termite infestation when applied during a new construction of home and furniture.

6. Fumigation

If your house is infested with multiple nests of termites which are hard to eradicate with single treatment, fumigation of the entire structure is often recommended by experts. It is the best answer to how to treat termites completely and effectively. The process involves evacuating humans and animals from the house and covering it with a tent. Then the area is fumigated with termiticide which reaches every corner and cracks of the property and kills all the termites. This is the most effective termite treatment as it involves complete eradication of termites from the entire area.

7. Termite treatment cost

Each of the above mentioned method on termite treatment may involve a reasonable cost which is based on the following ground:

  • Size of building
  • Severity of the infestation
  • Foundation details
  • Soil type
  • Climate

The termite treatment cost can only be estimated after proper examination of the above factors by an expert and the method used on how to get rid of termites. However, it is essential to know that the cost involved in termite treatment is much lesser as compared to repairing and replacing the damaged property.